About Us

First founded in 1972, Unibis is a subsidiary company of PT. Universal Indofood Product that put its main focus in producing sweet biscuits. Under
the leadership of Mr. Irawan, Unibis then quickly branched out and developed more and more variety of biscuits products.

What started as a mid-size production company in North Sumatera soon tums into a mass-supplier with optimized annual production capacity catering to the high demands of domestic market in Indonesia as well as other major thriving neighboring Asian markets, including Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Korea and others.

With over 1.000 staff and 200 distribution personnel, Unibis has managed to establish a stability in sales, distribution of network and consumer relation all across the country.

With the perseverance and consistency in upholding its brand image, Unibis envisions itself as the market leader in quality biscuits. This will enable Unibis to continually support the nation working system through many of its social and environmental care programs and finally be able to create a society and a community that is healthy, prosperous and balanced.